Child custody

Perhaps the most intense portion of family law litigation is establishing parameters for child custody and visitation with the parties’ minor children.

You should realize that a court is about to make determinations in this case that will affect your life for several years to come.

When you need to hire an experienced custody lawyer in the Arkansas, call the Halbert Law Firm. You will rest assured that you're hiring an expert in family law who will expertly handle your family law needs.

With child custody and visitation, you effectively have one opportunity to do this the right way. If your case isn't presented the right way in court, you could find yourself living with rules you find unfair and unworkable for a long time.

That's why when we work with you, we will help prepare a strategy that may include fact and character witnesses, as well as expert testimony from therapists, physicians, teachers, and coaches.

You should also be prepared to present the best exhibits and trial illustrations to prove to the court that you are the fit and proper parent to be designated to determine the residence of your children.

All things considered, there are few issues that are more important in your life.

Our firm is led by Chuck Halbert, who is known for his aggressive representation and deep knowledge of the law.  Each case is uniquely tailored depending on circumstances and client needs.

Following a consultation about your case, out firm will begin an intense investigation of your case particulars, in order to prepare a unique strategy for you.

Results matter — as much to us as they do to you.

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